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Honors Program Application


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If there is anything else that you would like to tell us, any unusual circumstance, or any special information about you that would be relevant, please describe it below or on a separate sheet and indicate "Special Considerations" at the top of the paper.

Please send with this application a recent graded term paper or essay, of which you are especially proud.

Please submit two letters of teacher recommendations that outline your characteristics as a prospective honors student and have them send the letter directly to the Honors Program using the enclosed forms.

Although a personal interview is not mandatory for admission to the Honors Program, at the discretion of the Honors Program Advisory Board, an interview may be requested.

If you choose to download this application answers must be typewritten or printed neatly in blue or black ink only. Where questions are not applicable, write N/A. Applications are received at anytime. However, an early return can facilitate enrollment in the Honors Program for the semester following admission. Note that this application is separate and independent from yor application for admission to the University.