Theatrical Preformance Application

This form must be completed at least one week prior to the start date of your event.

Requester's Name:

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Which school, department, or office do you represent?

Title of your event:

In what venue will this event take place?

In as much detail as possible, please describe your event:

Will your event utilize an open flame (cigarette, torch, candle, match, etc.)?

Will you be building props for this event?

Will curtains or other fabric be used as wall hangings for decorative or functional purposes?

Will a theatrical or other preforming group be bringing props to your location?

Please list dates and times for your performance (Separate multiple dates and times with commas):

How many people do you expect will attend your performance? (If you expect different attendances, based on the time or date of your event, please list them separately.)

The State of New Jersey requires that, prior to all performances in public assemblies, an audible announcement be made notifying occupants of the location of exits to be used in the event of a fire or other emergency condition. This announcement is to be made no more than ten minutes prior to the start of an event. How do you intend to comply with this requirement?

Any and all curtains, drapes, or possibly combustible props must meet specific flame propagation ratings. These items should be treated or inherently flame resistant, in accordance with NFPA 701. Our inspector will require a proof of flame certification at the time of your inspection.

Inspections will be scheduled at a time that will allow for a minimal impact upon the theatrical performance/rehearsals.

Because of the danger that is posed by large groups of people in dark, unfamiliar areas, such as during theatrical performances, an inspection will be conducted to ensure compliance with fire safety codes.

Please forward a copy of your stage layout to the Department of Fire Safety immediately after completing this application.
By entering your campus network identification (NETID) below, you are indicating that you have reviewed the above information and agree to the requirements listed herein:

Before you submit this application, please ensure that all requested information is completed in full. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Further, this application will not be accepted until a stage layout is received by the Department of Fire Safety.