Red Tag (Sprinkler System Disabling) Permit Application

This form must be completed at least two weeks prior to the start date of your work. For an emergency repair, please fill out this form and immediately contact the Director of the Department of Fire Safety, Robert Ferrara, at extension 5401.

Because many different departments and outside agencies are involved in the issuance of these permits, it is essential that you allow as much time as possible for the Department of Fire Safety to coordinate the shut down of a life safety system.

Please note: Under most circumstances, our life safety systems will not be disabled for hot work. For information on hot work, please refer to the hot work application, which is separate from this application. For specific inquiries regarding this, please contact the Department of Fire Safety at extension 2086.

Name of person requesting a red tag permit:

Requester's e-mail address:

Requester's office extension:

Requester's cellular telephone number:

What University department or office do you represent?

What system(s) do you need disabled (check all that apply):

In as much detail as possible, why do you need this (these) system(s) disabled?

This work is to be preformed by:

If the work is being preformed by a contractor or another entity not directly associated with the University, please list their company name and telephone number:

Will this impairment be for multiple days?

If yes, please list dates and times the shut down is requested for:
Leave blank if the work will only take one day

If no, please list the date and time the shut down is requested for:
Leave blank if the work will take multiple days

As part of this work, will hot work be preformed in conjunction with other work?

N.B.: We will not issue a red tag permit solely for hot work, under most circumstances.

In the event that the requester does not demonstrate an absolute need for a life safety system shut down, the Department of Fire Safety will not issue a red tag permit.

Finally, please be advised that this application is not a permit. You will be contacted by the Department of Fire Safety and we will notify you of what the next step is.

By entering your campus network identification (NETID) below, you are indicating that you have reviewed the above information and agree to the requirements listed herein:

Prior to submitting this application, please ensure that all requested information is completed. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.