Request a CWE Classroom Presentation

The CWE provides class presentations upon request. If you are a Montclair State University instructor and would like to schedule an in-class presentation, please complete and submit the form below. Presentations will provide an overview of CWE resources and services, and your students will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Presentations usually last approximately 10-15 minutes and are best scheduled at the start or end of a class period.

If you would like to request a presentation for more than one course, please submit a separate form for each presentation that you would like to schedule.

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Please provide three choices, if possible, for your presentation date/time. We will do our best to schedule all presentations on the preferred (first choice) date/time. Presentation times vary depending on class needs; the average presentation is approximately 15 minutes long. Please indicate your preferred date/time as shown in the following example: Monday, 1/21/13, 10:00am.

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Please indicate below any specific requests regarding areas you would like us to focus on in our presentation.