College of the Arts Seniors' Graduation Survey and Link for Requesting Convocation Tickets

Thank you for participating in the College of the Arts Seniors' Graduation Survey. Your responses will help us further shape support programs for students and alumni as well as stay in touch with you after graduation. This survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Your individual responses are kept confidential; only the aggregate survey data is used for institutional tracking purposes.

At the end of this survey is a link to ordering Convocation tickets. You must first complete the survey before ordering tickets.

Congratulations on your pending graduation and reaching this important milestone in your life!

1. Please provide your name:

2. Please specify a non-MSU email address so that we may contact you about Convocation/Commencement and for any additional follow-up:

3. Please provide your gender identity:

4. Please provide your race/ethnicity:

5. Please provide your age:
20-24   25-29   30-34   35 or older  

6. Please provide your primary major/concentration area:

7. How many years did it take to complete your entire undergraduate education?

8. Are there courses or experiences you think have well-prepared you for your professional transition?

9. What courses or experiences would you like to have had in your major but were not available?

10. What resources did you use/rely upon for your academic advising? Please check all that apply:

11. Overall, how would you evaluate the quality of academic advising you received at Montclair State University?
Very Helpful   Helpful   Neutral   Somewhat Helpful   Not Helpful  

12. While you were attending classes at MSU, describe your employment status the majority of the time.

13. Was your job...?
On campus   Off campus   Not applicable  

14. Did you receive any scholarship money while attending MSU?
Yes   No  

15. Do you believe that your undergraduate education has prepared you for a career path and/or a life in the arts.
Strongly Agree   Agree   Neutral   Disagree   Strongly Disagree  

16. If you participated in Study Abroad or other international academic experience(s)(e.g., a concert tour, a documentary shoot), please indicate or describe:

17. Did you complete any of the following pre-professional experiences while attending MSU? Please check all that apply.

17a. What was your level of satisfaction with the above? Please check only one.
Very Satisfied   Satisfied   Neutral   Somewhat Satisfied   Not Satisfied  

18. Did you complete one of the following culminating senior experiences? Please check which one.

19. Did you interact with CART Career Services for any of the following? Please check all that apply.

19a. If you answered question #19, how would you rank your experience?
Very Satisfied   Satisfied   Neutral   Somewhat Satisfied   Not Satisfied  

20. What are your plans for after graduation?

21. If you are considering graduate study, when would you anticipate starting?
within 1 year   in 2-3 years   in 4-5 years   not sure  

22. How well prepared do you feel you are for your job search? (choose the description that best applies)

23. If your plans upon graduation include full-time employment, please indicate your current job search status (check all that apply):

24. If you have accepted full-time employment, is it related to your major or field of study?
Yes   No  

24a. Please indicate JOB TITLE, EMPLOYER (name of company or institution) and (general) LOCATION, if applicable.

24b. Please indicate how you found the position, if applicable. Please check all that apply.