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Catering Services

Catering can be arranged through the University's Dining Services contractor.

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Setup & Cleanup

Requestor will pay for all services requested by User or required by University, and for all costs incurred by University as a result of this activity. This includes, but is not limited to Police coverage, clean up charges, repair or replacement costs, or additional supervisory charges.

Who will be responsible for Setup & Cleanup
Sponsor   Venue   MSU Facilities  
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Will the venue be indoors or outdoors?
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Equipment & Facility Needs

MSU Facilities can provide tables, chairs, garbage & recycling bins, and electrical power. All other items (tents, linens, etc.) are the responsibility of the event coordinator.

Will equipment be rented from an external company?
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If requesting items from MSU Facilities, please indicate the quantity of each item requested.
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Will the event require keys or swipe card access to areas that are normally locked?
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Will this event require additional electrical power? (For example, outdoor events may need power for lighting or audio equipment.)
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Will there be outdoor cooking* at this event?
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*Events that have outdoor cooking (barbeques) are required to obtain an Outdoor Cooking Permit from MSU's Office of Fire Safety prior to the event.

Event Parking

MSU Parking Services can provide prepaid parking vouchers for the Red Hawk Deck. These vouchers can be paid via Budget Transfer from MSU accounts, via check from outside organizations, or cash from individual attendees.
If an internal department or group is paying for the vouchers, the rate is $5.00 per vehicle.
If an external group or individuals are paying for the vouchers, the rate is $6.00 per vehicle.
For events where the individual attendees will pay for their own parking, a cashier will be onsite to collect parking fees for the event.
Event tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
For Budget allocation information and restrictions please click here.

Does this event require parking?
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For parking to be paid by an MSU Department/Organization/Group:
# of Vouchers

For parking to be paid by an External Organization/Group or individual attendees:
# of Vouchers

Prior to authorizing a charge to your account, you are required to ensure that it has sufficient funding available in object code 8905. If sufficient funds are not available,you will need to reallocate funds to 8905 from within your own budget by submitting a Budget Transfer Request (not this Parking form) to the Budget Office. Purchases may be subject to applicable sales tax.
Account Number (Internal Only)

Event Shuttles

If your guests need to be transported across campus, or to an off-campus location, Shuttle Services can be chartered for your event. Please be sure to read the Charter Policies for more detailed information regarding pricing.

While filling in the fields below, please keep the following in mind:

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Additional Information

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