Theatre Night Awards 2018 Director's Notes

The Director’s Statement
Montclair State University’s Theatre Night Awards
The Foxy’s
Hello Colleagues,
Thank you for your interest and participation in the
MSU’s Foxy Awards. The inclusion of director's notes have
evolved out of years of feedback from our adjudicators.
They/We are genuinely interested in your process, your
decisions, and how you’ve arrived at your artistic
results with your student community.
until we can get reviewers on-site at your schools (a
lofty dream) we want to gather as much information from
you about the journey. We’ve found that director’s notes
in the programs are incredibly helpful to the judges. As
you well know, getting quality video is an uneven venture
at best. Some of you have professionally shot multi-
camera video and others depend on the A/V club. Both
options are more than fine and welcome!!! That said, we
want to give both your production, students and our
rounds of judges every advantage to SEE the work.
Here is what we invite you to submit:




Name of Play:

THE STATEMENT. It needn’t be more than a paragraph, but you can write more if you choose. How did you come to your concept? What do you want us to know? What moments of staging, tech, acting, etc. made you pleased and proud?

CHOOSE FIVE MOMENTS AND SHARE THEM WITH US. These can be acting, design, music, staging, costumes.

With each of the following moments, please provide the following:

1.) Time Stamp of where to find the moment within your link(ex. 0:12-0:15; 1:15-1:21)
2.) Description of moment and its significance.
3.) Names of actors and their roles. (Example, John Smith/Hamlet, Jane Doe/Ophelia)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are submitting two different casts of the same production, please submit two different online forms for the moments and indicate which cast is which.

Moment 1:

Moment 2:

Moment 3:

Moment 4:

Moment 5:

If applicable, please submit a time stamp for a moment of Stage Combat.

If applicable, please submit a time stamp for a moment of Live/Original Music.

If applicable, please submit time stamp for a moment showing visual/special effects.

If applicable, please submit time stamp for a moment of sound design.

Thank you for your submission. If you have any questions, please email Christina Cruz at Please be sure to fill out the registration form, the payment form, the link form, the cast/crew list in addition to this form!