Theatre Night Awards 2018 90 Second Scene

90 Second Scene

If your play is nominated in the following categories: Outstanding Achievement for a Comedy; Drama; Innovative/Inventive; or Classical Play we would be delighted if you would consider submitting a clean 90 second cut from that production. All scenes will be timed at dress rehearsal the day of Theatre Night Awards and will be edited accordingly.

All actors MUST attend rehearsal to perform at Theatre Night Awards. Rehearsal starts promptly at 3pm the day of Theatre Night Awards. If your students will be late, please let us know ahead of time. Students are to check in, put their costumes in the dressing room, and report to rehearsal. They do not need to wear costumes at rehearsal. Pizza and snacks will be provided at 5pm for all students performing. Only student performers will receive a comp ticket for the awards show.

No more than THREE kids in the scene. A monologue is fine. Light costuming is welcome but know that your students are entirely responsible for their care and maintenance of said costume.
If you have any questions, please email Robin Irwin at and Professor Kerner on it.
We must receive the cut at the very latest May 1st. We will likely cut off the number of scenes at 12 this year.



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90 Second Scene