Montclair State University Digital Accessibility Community Outreach

SECTION I. Please complete this section if you SELF IDENTIFY as having a disability.

1. The following choice best reflects my status:

2. If you self-identify as someone having a disability, please check all that apply?

Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:

3. If you are a student, are you able to register for courses online and drop/add courses as necessary.

4. As a student, I am able to pay my tuition bill online.

5. I am able to reserve a library book online.

6. As a student, I am able to use the University's computer labs to perform research and complete assignments.

7. If you are a student, are you able to successfully participate in your courses using Classroom Response Systems (clickers).

8. As a student, I am able to successfully participate with my class using online classroom systems.

9. As a student, I am able to successfully participate in all coursework through the use of captioned videos.

10. I am able to easily add money to my "MSU Card".

11. As a student, my preferred device for coursework is:

12. As a faculty member, staff or visitor my preferred device for accessing is:

SECTION II. Please take a few minutes and provide us some additional information to better understand your unique experiences interacting with digital technology at Montclair State University.

1. How can Montclair State University improve inclusion, awareness and access for individuals with disabilities?

2. What resources would help you to improve accessibility of information or web pages that you post?

3. Have you noticed anything Montclair State University is doing well related to access for persons with disabilities?

4. Have you noticed any specific pages or documents that you believe would present accessibility challenges to a person with disabilities? Please indicate such.

5. Do you work at Montclair State University as faculty or staff?

6. If you answered "yes" to question 5 above, do you know how to create an accessible document for someone with disabilities?

7. Have you or someone you know had challenges accessing content on Montclair websites or applications? If yes, can you describe the challenges?